Friday, December 12, 2008

New Badminton Racquet and Shoe

This is one of my last minute move to reduce Income Tax for the Year 2008. After reading an article from Personal Money magazine, I found out that the deduction for sports equipment is as much as RM300. Since I am active in playing badminton (we play every Wed evening) and I don't even have a proper pair of Badminton shoes, own racquet and a racquet bag, I make a point to buy one for myself.

So coincidence that when I went to the Post Office in Sri Muda to send letters, there is a Sports shop next to it. While waiting for my turn in a long queue, I went inside the shop. The shopkeeper kepts promoting this Apacs racquet. The price is quite reasonable. Below are the breakdown of the costs:
i) Racquet + String + guard = RM90
ii) 2 Compartment Racquet Bag = RM29
iii) A pair of Shoes + Shoe Bag= RM59
iv) A pair of Socks = RM6

Total is about RM184.00

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Journey of Driving Home

Today is a public holiday for Selangor, moreover it was raining in the late evening, therefore can't avoid from the terrible traffic jam. 

As usual, it took me about 20 minutes to move from Jalan Bintang to the road infront of Pudu Jail(though the distance is less than 1km). While waiting for the green light, I managed to read a short article in the latest issue of Eye Asia. That is an interesting story about how to think out of the box: how are you going to sell a comb to a monk? If you are creative enough, share with me on your suggestion(s).

The traffic jam is quite serious, so I decided to listen to my "Mangala Sutta" CD. I think this is a good choice for those who are trapped in the traffic jam, it makes me feels calm and delightful, I am not sure whether it can work for you.  While appreciating the Sutta, I turned to my right hand side and saw the Masjid Albukhary, this white building looks more beautiful with lighting, quite charming...that's the beauty of being a Malaysian; we may enjoy the cross cultural assets simultaneously.

What I will further recommend is to listen to the sutta again and again until you reach home. By doing so, we may be able to realize how's easily we get bored, we just can't concentrate and stick to the same/ repetitious music, song or situation. The process of "endurance" is also the process of meditation in daily life. 

Btw, today is Thursday and it is my group sitting day in the Vipassana Centre, Jason is waiting for me there.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Star

Finally our Christmas Tree has a Star on top of it... Thanks to Poh Lain who bought it in Metrojaya in Bukit Bintang.

Our Nicely Decorated Christmas Tree

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣

Poh Lain and I are currently following this drama series. We are so addicted to it that sometimes we will watch it till late at night. This drama is shown in Astro On Demand where by right we should be paying to watch it. But, thanks to the internet and some nice people who are willing to upload it. Anyone would like to watch it, you can download it at here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Painting Day

Today is a "Painting Day" for both of us. We have been staying in this house for about 4 years when we first moved in on the 26th Dec 2004.

Before the painting, you can see the rust clearly. It definitely needs some new paint over it.

We started painting after our breakfast at about 10:00am. The first round of paint took us 4 hours to complete. Poh Lain had actually wiped out some dirts on the grills the day before. We had a 2 hours break for our lunch and some rest. We started again at 4:30pm for the 2nd round of painting to touch up those area which we left out. It looks better when there are 2 layers of paint on it. Our mission accomplished at 7:00pm and we celebrated by eating steamboat in a nearby restaurant in Kota Kemuning.

Poh Lain in action !

See the difference before and after the painting !

It is even nicer when decorated with my green plants

Nice or not? It is definitely worth our efforts.