Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dangling Accesories

On last Sat. (20 June), I attended my second lesson on bead jewellery making. Below are my 3rd and 4th assignments. I can imagine it could be much more attractive if the materials are sparkling enough.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bead Story

I attended my first bead jewellery making class at Beadazle on Sat.(13 June). Here are my first 2 piece of assignment: a 3 -tiers necklace and bracelet. Will get Swarovski bead for self practising session. Do anyone know of a good supplier in Klang Valley (PJ/KL)?

Curry Chicken with Bread (Kampar)

We stoped by Kampar while on the way back to KL on 31 May 09, had a late lunch at "Roti Ayam Yau Kee". This is an old shop but enjoy quite a good business, I guess mainly due to its special dishes called "Roti Ayam". For alternative, you may choose to have "herb" filler, but Jason and I still prefer the original "curry" flavour, not very spicy though.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gathering at MidValley

Long time didn't see Mei Mei and Chee Yan, we have gathering at MidValley. Mei Mei was accompany by her hubby Pang & daughter Yun Ning. Yun Ning is such a lovely girl who already can sing at this age of 2 (baby girl learn thing faster, I guess). Chee Yan's son is called Yu Ran, so adorable, he seems to enjoy the window shopping a lot:).

It was a terrible crowded day at MidValley may be because it was a public holiday, that is why I seldom travel to MidVelly. Anyway, Jason and I bought 4 tickets for the concert of Super Band, which will perform on 1 August. Melissa and Kiat will go with us. Super Band, here we come!