Sunday, June 14, 2009

Curry Chicken with Bread (Kampar)

We stoped by Kampar while on the way back to KL on 31 May 09, had a late lunch at "Roti Ayam Yau Kee". This is an old shop but enjoy quite a good business, I guess mainly due to its special dishes called "Roti Ayam". For alternative, you may choose to have "herb" filler, but Jason and I still prefer the original "curry" flavour, not very spicy though.


Alex said...

Looks really yummy! Next time remember to tarpau ^^

Little Yong said...

"tarpau" and send to Germany?

Alex said...

Hahahahaa.. nolah.. I am not that silly, tarpau so that when you've reached home late at night, and when you're feeling hungry, you can heat it up and eat it again lor :)