Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gathering at MidValley

Long time didn't see Mei Mei and Chee Yan, we have gathering at MidValley. Mei Mei was accompany by her hubby Pang & daughter Yun Ning. Yun Ning is such a lovely girl who already can sing at this age of 2 (baby girl learn thing faster, I guess). Chee Yan's son is called Yu Ran, so adorable, he seems to enjoy the window shopping a lot:).

It was a terrible crowded day at MidValley may be because it was a public holiday, that is why I seldom travel to MidVelly. Anyway, Jason and I bought 4 tickets for the concert of Super Band, which will perform on 1 August. Melissa and Kiat will go with us. Super Band, here we come!

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