Sunday, November 30, 2008


I think this is the first movie we watch in a cinema this year.

At first we plan to watch Madagascar2, but too bad the tickets were sold out. We ended up watching Twilight. Nice show...thumbs up !!

Our Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas to everybody !!
This tree is already 3 years old...every year we will set up and decorate this tree. We have more ornaments this year because Poh Lain brought some back from her office.

Where is the "Star" on top of the tree? We have to buy one soon !

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Janice & Chris Wedding Dinner

This is the 3rd Wedding Dinner I attend for the month of November. The dinner was held in a restaurant in Seri Kembangan. Not many of my ex-coursemates turn up. Only 1 table is occupied although 2 tables were reserved for us.

From right: Jaspal's bro, Jaspal, Bawanee, Kong Hoe, Theresa, Tong and Chin Chong.

Both Janice and her husband are about the same height. The dinner was nice and this is the first time the owner of the restaurant came out to ask us to comment about the food. She also asked us to introduce people to her restaurant where she will give discounts... this is one of the example of customer relationship management.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is around the corner. Most of the shopping malls are already decorated with Chrismas trees. After meeting with Mei Fong and gang, we went to MidValley for window shopping, bought a small present (A Tray where one can put in photos) for Seen Lan's Housewarming party.

So many Christmas trees at the Center Court of MidValley.

Gathering with GS Friends

Gathering with my ex-colleague from Genting Sanyen. The purpose is for Mei Fong to give us her wedding invitation card and also her wedding photos. We met in Starbucks, The Gardens.

From left: Choon Hong, Wee Tau, Jacky, Mei Fong, Yuen, Pui Kuan and Kai Rou

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary...Time flies...

Darling, thank you for your love and support you have given to me all these while. You are the love of my life and I'll be yours forever...I Love You Darling !

At first, we planned to have buffet dinner in Jogoya but too bad it was so full. We chose not to wait and went to another Japanese Restaurant in Pavillion - Kampachi.

Posing in front of the restaurant

Gift exchange at home...Nice bag :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

House Inspection

Leonard and I become house inspectors on that day. Since both of us are so free on Monday, we went to Shin Lee and John's new house in Taman Bukit Puchong. They just got the key and wanted to check for defects. More eyes are better...We spent more than 2 hours there. We found about only 20 defects in the house. The workmanship of the developer is quite good.

Posing in front of the gate...House No 108...BIG HOUSE

Leonard is pointing to crack on the tiles of the kitchen floor

John is smiling house mah :)

Shin Lee is marking the defects on a masking tape

After that, Leonard and I went to SK to fetch Boon Hui and had lunch there. Then, we proceed to Mid Valley for shopping

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Bazaar at 3rd Mile Square

It is a new place to lepak or jalan-jalan ...not many stalls at the moment.

This is the map to the 3rd Mile Square

Although not many stalls, Mum and Poh Lain managed to get 2 dresses each. We spent there about 40 min. After that, we went to Amcorp Mall to see the Flea Market.

Happy Birthday to Tony !

We bought him an Ice-Cream cake with Chocolate flavour. There will be more birthdays lining up...most of our siblings and family members are Year-End babies.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween Night

It is actually my company's annual dinner and the theme is Halloween Night ! Both of us planned to dressed up for the night so that we could enjoy being someone ugly. We bought a mask and the red hair in Sg Wang Plaza. To cut cost, Poh Lain actually handmade our dracula coat. We just bought 2 black pieces of cloth in Tesco and Poh Lain sewed it. It is done so professionally that no one noticed that they are actually handmade. Thanks darling for your hardwork and late night work. The horns are borrowed from Poh Lain's colleague. The horn can be lighted (running on batteries) and have a heart in the middle.

The Bull and the Cow Monster

I looked very kanasai...the one beside me got the Best Dress for Men

Ghost with wings

The one with the white cloth looks very scary..very budget costume

The witches

Posing with my Line Manager

Shrek came to the wrong party...not scary at all

Trying to kill Shrek

Are we scary? We are going to haunt you tonight !! Wahahahaha

The stage backdrop....nicely decorated

She got the best dress for female...scary...I wonder how is she going to eat.

Posing with Mrs Wong

Posing with my Team members

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Wilson !

A small birthday party to celebrate my eldest brother's birthday... Mum cooked some nice dishes that night. Lawrence and Anne also came over to celebrate.

Wilson is blowing the candles

Group photos....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wedding Dinners - Teo YL and Jien

Nov 1 - Teo and Jacy's Wedding in Puchong
The dinner was in Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant. As usual, it started around 8:30pm although the invitation card stated 7:00pm sharp. It is Malaysian Time.. Nice to have met up with my UNITEN IT Coursemates. Everyone looks pretty much the same.. The bridegroom had too much Red Wine as shown in the picture below.

Nov 15 - Chin Jien & On Ling's Wedding in Raub
We started our journey to Raub at 4:30pm. Picked up Ryan in Summit as 3 of us carpool there. It took us about 7pm to reach Raub. We were surprised that most of the tables were full. The dinner started at 7:15pm... unlike the one in Puchong. It also ended as early as 9:30pm. We reached home before 12 midnight. The food there is nicer than the one in Tai Thong, Puchong. Jien was very happy that night with his trademark smile. His wife is very pretty :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

November 2008 - A month of Dinners and Parties!

Wedding dinners !! House warming parties ! Birthdays ! Company Annual dinners !
I wonder we will put on weight on this month after all the eating, eating and eating. As you can see, some dates have few events. We have to choose 1 only lor.. :)

Nov 1 - Mr. Teo Yee Loo and Ms Fong Ming Wei's Wedding
Venue: Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant, Puchong

Nov 15 - Mr. Lau Chin Jien and Ms Wong On Ling's Wedding
Venue: Raub

Nov 16 - Wilson's Birthday

Nov 22
1) T-Systems Annual Dinner 2008, Haloween Night
Venue: Sunway Convention Center
2) Matthew Ow's 1 Year Birthday Party
Venue: Bukit Tinggi, Klang
3) SABS Teacher's Family Gathering
Venue: Lee Hua's House in Kota Kemuning

Nov 23
1) Tony's Birthday
2) SABS Youth Section's Year-End Party
Venue: Connie's house, Aranda, Kota Kemuning

Nov 24
1) Poh Lain's Colleague's wedding
Venue: PJ

Nov 29
1) Mr. Chris Ng and Janice Lee's Wedding
Venue: Serdang
2) Seen Lan's Housewarming Party
Venue: Puchong

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Rule of 90/10 (Stephen Covy)

What is the principle?

10% of life is made up of what happens to us. 90% of life is decided by how we react.We have no control over this 10%, but we can determine the other 90% by control our reaction. Don't let people fool us.

Very buddhistic teaching indeed, to keep it simple: I guess Stephen Covy is trying to say, be equanimous all the time! We would be steady in going through all the life challenges.


Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fever of Madagascar 2!!!

Madagascar 2 Fever...I have got the hair band of Melman the Giraffe from Mc D last Sat. Tonite, Jason bought me the rest of the collection: Gloria the Hippo, Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra:) . They look cute and would be useful if I organize a "Hair Band" Christmas Party in end of this year. Heh, I imagine Jason would looks great in the "Alex" hair band. Let's have an African Christmas!

Am I cute???

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So difficult to...

Do you know how difficult it is to get a right name for our blog, more difficult than naming a new baby:( There were too many blogsite in the cyberspace, whatever you name it, they have it: catanddog, lovebird, duet, morningdew,coloursoflife...some even like "verysian" also has been chosen. So, we pick this one: "shenghuoriji", a simple name which means "Diary" in Chinese. Nothing to shout about, but at least something to start with...

8 Nov, Jason taught me to do personal budget, is very useful. I tot I am quite "ok" until I see the ways I spent, not a good sign. From now on, I need to turn the data (records) into info, otherwise, it is meaningless to keep on recording my expenditure.