Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is around the corner. Most of the shopping malls are already decorated with Chrismas trees. After meeting with Mei Fong and gang, we went to MidValley for window shopping, bought a small present (A Tray where one can put in photos) for Seen Lan's Housewarming party.

So many Christmas trees at the Center Court of MidValley.


Alex said...

Ah... mid-valley, I haven't been there for a long long time. Last time came back also didn't have time to go there ^^

Little Yong said...

Next time you should go to Pavilion and other new shopping malls...more to come in 2009.

Alex said...

I've never been to Pavilion yet...feels a bit out-of-date now...haih...ketinggalan zaman! -_-