Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wedding Dinners - Teo YL and Jien

Nov 1 - Teo and Jacy's Wedding in Puchong
The dinner was in Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant. As usual, it started around 8:30pm although the invitation card stated 7:00pm sharp. It is Malaysian Time.. Nice to have met up with my UNITEN IT Coursemates. Everyone looks pretty much the same.. The bridegroom had too much Red Wine as shown in the picture below.

Nov 15 - Chin Jien & On Ling's Wedding in Raub
We started our journey to Raub at 4:30pm. Picked up Ryan in Summit as 3 of us carpool there. It took us about 7pm to reach Raub. We were surprised that most of the tables were full. The dinner started at 7:15pm... unlike the one in Puchong. It also ended as early as 9:30pm. We reached home before 12 midnight. The food there is nicer than the one in Tai Thong, Puchong. Jien was very happy that night with his trademark smile. His wife is very pretty :)

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Alex said...

Awwww... Congrats to Ah Jien... too bad I miss that wedding -____-;;