Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween Night

It is actually my company's annual dinner and the theme is Halloween Night ! Both of us planned to dressed up for the night so that we could enjoy being someone ugly. We bought a mask and the red hair in Sg Wang Plaza. To cut cost, Poh Lain actually handmade our dracula coat. We just bought 2 black pieces of cloth in Tesco and Poh Lain sewed it. It is done so professionally that no one noticed that they are actually handmade. Thanks darling for your hardwork and late night work. The horns are borrowed from Poh Lain's colleague. The horn can be lighted (running on batteries) and have a heart in the middle.

The Bull and the Cow Monster

I looked very kanasai...the one beside me got the Best Dress for Men

Ghost with wings

The one with the white cloth looks very scary..very budget costume

The witches

Posing with my Line Manager

Shrek came to the wrong party...not scary at all

Trying to kill Shrek

Are we scary? We are going to haunt you tonight !! Wahahahaha

The stage backdrop....nicely decorated

She got the best dress for female...scary...I wonder how is she going to eat.

Posing with Mrs Wong

Posing with my Team members


Alex said...

Hahahahahaha... I couldn't stop laughing at this one ^^'re right, you looked kinda kanasai :D

Annette K said...

hahahaa... i agree! :P