Friday, December 12, 2008

New Badminton Racquet and Shoe

This is one of my last minute move to reduce Income Tax for the Year 2008. After reading an article from Personal Money magazine, I found out that the deduction for sports equipment is as much as RM300. Since I am active in playing badminton (we play every Wed evening) and I don't even have a proper pair of Badminton shoes, own racquet and a racquet bag, I make a point to buy one for myself.

So coincidence that when I went to the Post Office in Sri Muda to send letters, there is a Sports shop next to it. While waiting for my turn in a long queue, I went inside the shop. The shopkeeper kepts promoting this Apacs racquet. The price is quite reasonable. Below are the breakdown of the costs:
i) Racquet + String + guard = RM90
ii) 2 Compartment Racquet Bag = RM29
iii) A pair of Shoes + Shoe Bag= RM59
iv) A pair of Socks = RM6

Total is about RM184.00


Alex said...

Wei... with RM300 deduction, should have considered Yonex, Calrton, Prince, or Head larrrr.... and shoes also should get something with more Ummmphhsss mar.... Jason Jason... if only you value other stuff the way you value food ^^

Leo + Boon Hui said...

oi Jason... lama tak update blog... apa sudah jadi?