Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009

This year, we celebrated our Valentine's Day in Bukit Bintang. Since it was a Saturday, I took a Komuter to Bukit Bintang to meet up with my darling (who still needs to work on that day). We proceeded to have a buffet lunch in Federal Hotel (18th Floor). It is actually a Rotating Restaurant. The floor of the restaurant can move and we can enjoy the scenary of the Golden Triangle up there.

Candlelight Buffet Lunch in Federal Hotel

After lunch, we went to GreenBox in Sungai Wang to have our Karaoke session but too bad...full house. Need to wait for 2 hours. So we decided to watch a movie in Times Square. Too bad too long queue. As we need to stay back till the concert starts, we decided to go for a Body Massage. It costs us RM50 per person for 45 min.

I Love You Darling...

Love is in the air !!!

It is so refreshing after the massage. It is time for the OneFM concert. Thanks to darling for the VIP Tickets. We got a place to sit while there are many others who need to stand the whole night.

We are waiting for the concert to start.

Sungei Wang Plaza

Local and Taiwanese Singers

Can you spot Daniel (Malaysian Idol) and the popular Gary?


Alex said...

Good job with the celebration!
I've been to that rotating restaurant at Federal Hotel too... the buffet wasn't bad!! The scenery was awesome :)

Little Yong said...

Try the candle night dinner at this Bintang revolving restaurant, the scenery is even more romantic.