Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Last Lecture

I like particularly on this verse shared by Randy Paush:"Brick walls are there for a reason. That give us a chance to show how badly we want something". Unfortunatelly, I am not good at climbing over a brick wall even how low it is:(. Anyway, I think I am mentally tougher now as compared to my teenages years.

Another good concept mentioned in this book is called "head fake". Yes, sometime we will learn or gain some knowledge indirectly thru some incidents. I guess one needs to be obsevant and contemplative enough to be truly benefited from the "head fake".
Imagination is extremly important for a wonderful childhood. Randy remembered that he painted an Elevator door in his parents' house while he was in the high school. The elevator could go up to 6th floor, but in actual fact he was lived in a ranch house, just one level. I remember I also like to paint the wall of my family's old house with color pencils during my childhood. I drew a set of TV on the wall,  there was a male newscaster appeared on the TV screen...My family did not own a TV yet at that time, and I already owned an imaginary TV set which up to my control...wasn't that cool? 

P/s: Professor Randy Paush who was dignosed with pancreatic cancer leave his legacy/ wisdom to his beloved family members through this last lecture (he died in 25 July 2008). The contents were so touching and it will benefited us and other generations to come. For more info on The Last Lecture, you may check out from wikipedia as well as youtube.

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Alex said...

Looks like an interesting book to read. :)