Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jewellery Class Graduation

11 July 2009

Today is my "graduation session' for the bead jewellery making (Level 1). I don't intend to continue for level 2, but I would like to pick up the skill on needle weaving. Still not decided whether to start the class on 25 July or 15 August, due to heavy weekend schedules for the coming months.

Birthday celebration of July born babies has postponed to 11 July 2009 (today). I attended with hubby and mum. Brother Chum gave a short and sweet talk on filial piety, mum like the tea ceremony session. Sadhu x 3 to those who generously sponsed the refreshments, yummy x 2:)


Alex said...

Can open shop liao lah PohLian!!! :p

Little Yong said...

Not so soon. I Plan to take up another course in Mid August for Needle Weaving Work. That type of jewelery require more patience, more skills, thus more challenging:P

Alex said...

okie dokie, another course is always good. So when open shop already, let me know...I want to pong chan pong chan ^^