Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Stories of Petaling Street

What swirling in your mind when it comes to "Petaling Street (茨厂街)"? Is about: Foreign workers/ traders, cheap products, China Town...? I was not born in KL to witness its glorious moments on many many years ago, but I still can trace its beauty through these photographs taken (on 11 March 09):

1) Typical commercial buildings that appeared in the Shaw's Brother (Black and White) movies.

2) I saw many tatto shops in Sg. Wang Plaza, much more modern compared to this one. I wonder where will the youngster go for tatto sevice nowadays?

3) Beef noodle, Char Siew Pau... some aunties and uncles still relish a meal and drink here.

4) Petaling Street has beem refurbished, an outdoor electronic digital board aimed to invite advertisers.

5) Found an interesting shop (refer to the color photo) near to the ex-location of Mentor bookstore. This cane shop not only selling cane-made products, also some items for a Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony. You can find colourful handmade crafts from Thailand, Philipine, China, but the pricing is much more higher than the respective countries. I bought a set of wooden made Chinese Chess, which cost me less than RM5.00, the same set is sell at RM18.00 from Pasar Seni:)


Alex said...

One of my favorite spots is Venus Arts and Stationery shop, and of course the all famous Popular bookstore lah. :)

Nice pictures Jason, the B&W is definitely a good touch!

Little Yong said...

Thank you. Hope to get other venue for B&W pictures, Penang is definitely a good choice.