Monday, March 30, 2009

Thomas Sabo Club

I bought my darling a Thomas Sabo bracelet in Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore.

Ruby - It represents the month July when she was born.
Letter 'V' - Represents her name 'Vicky'
Love Shape - Represents my love for her :)

My darling is now the official member of Thomas Sabo Charm Club.


Leo + Boon Hui said...

Yeah... welcome to the Thomas Sabo club. We can shop next time together, recommended at Isetan, The Gardens. Their charms are meaningful but expensive...

Leo + Boon Hui said...

More to add on for any special occasions... From birthday to anniversary to newborn to anything under the sky to celebrate.

Next round, please welcome to Bearbricks or Lego or Transformers Club.

Alex said...

These are like so damn expensive right???
:) another quality german product :Þ
Good job Jason!

tory burch said...

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